Another Report In Favour Of The Academy Of Hard Knocks

Another awesome report
Report on the joint work with The Academy of Hard Knocks 18th September 2014


Breaking The Cycle

I have referred 8 young people to The Academy of Hard Knocks over the last 18 months; 7 males and 1 female between the ages of 16 and 23, and have been very impressed with the level of engagement all those referred have shown to the various programmes on offer.

The programme has proved to be a fun and stimulating place to learn, master self discipline and train themselves to be fitter, more active young people. They have all really enjoyed the benefits they’ve experienced and feel as a result less stressed, more engaged, exercise more self control and has improved self confidence. The young people are also offered practical help and support in accessing work experience and placements and employment opportunities eventually.

Sam Rowe has been working extremely hard to keep the young people engaged and has shown success where other organisations have failed in this regard as he knows so well their habits and issues and is able to closely relate to those referred to the programme. As such he inspires respect and a good level of investment with the programme demonstrated by the high level of those returning several times for ongoing support and training.

I have worked closely with Sam around the specific needs of those I’ve referred and feel he has the best interests of the young people at heart in all he says and does and I would without hesitation continue to refer as there is simply no other intervention of this nature available in this area. I feel it has been a very valuable resource and most effective intervention for those who are the most vulnerable and most at risk of becoming isolated, suffering from mental ill health, substance misuse and at risk of offending.


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