Well he did it and along with Philip Lay and KC Kendall jumped from a great height attached only by a thick piece of elastic.

Here is a piece of video with all the action  http://cageamateursuk.com/News.php and a few photos taken during the day

Sam Rowe and KC Kendall

Sam Rowe and KC Kendall

The Cage

Transports Arrived

Playing It Cool

Taking it Easy


Sam Rowe Bungee Jump

You may or may not know but on the 29th which is this sunday Sam and a few other including Cage Amateurs UK Miss KC Kendall are jumping from a perfectly good cage attatched to a crane for one good cause or another. Between you and me I know for fact Sams arse is going sixpence half crown but being the rugged ‘Mans Man’ that he is he will leap into the unknown and plumett towards earth only to be saved by a piece of elastic that ( All being Well ) should hopefully fire him back up into the safety of the cage.

The same applies with KC but to be fair having been on the end of her bullying, reasoning and demanding when she want wants something done on site the amount of hot air expelled from her mouth will pretty much ensure she will go upwards when leaving the cage. Love you lots Miss Car-nar-je.

Now short of actually being able to push either Sam or KC out of the Cage personally which you can not do, a small donation or a big one if you so wish will mean they can not chicken out.

To Donate if this is within you ability to do so
KC Kendall   Soi Dog
All The Best Jon P